Joomla site creation experience – Part 2

After meeting with the client I had a list of changes, enhancements and a small amount of new requirements.

For the video gallery I started on using AllVideos & Cinecopa, (which look like good extensions) but just weren't right for my I need. I also tried the AvReloaded extension which I didn't use for the gallery, but used later on when the client requested a video to be added to the front page of the site.

I eventually settled on using the hwdVideoShare extension for the video gallery. It has additional features such as showing popular videos, video upload, search, categories and admin approval of uploads. Only problem I had was that client videos were in MP4 format and the scan function within the import section didn't pick them up (possibly something I wasn't doing correctly). Anyway I worked around it by manually adding the videos.

The client wanted the ability to manage various events which he would run throughout the year. I found that the extension EventList did the job. It provides a simple registration system and good features for the types of event which can be created. You can also categorise events, link them to groups and host events at various locations.

My client also wanted the abylity to send out newsletters to a subscribed list of followers. I found AcyMailing is a good newsletter extension for Joomla. Basic version is free & is all l needed. Lots more features are available in the paid version.

I also needed to add an autostarting looping continuosly looping viedo to the front page. The AvReloaded extension which I had tried out earlier did the job. It's a straighforward process of loading the video into a appropriate directory and then place tags with the video name anywhere in your content that you want to see the video. By adding autostart="true" and repeat="true"} The client supplied the video, but as it was over 20Mb in size I trimmed a smaller size and converted to FLV.

At this stage the site was looking pretty good to me and I had ticked of all off the items that were requested by the client. The page looked a little un-balanced as there was a fair amout of content on the right hand side of the page, but less so on the left. I decided to add a small banner add on the left and found that the default Banners extension which comes with Joomla worked great.


Site is now ready of a final client review before being released to production. I am assuming there won't be much more that needs to be changed, but will see after the meeting.